The Big Announcement

#3 is on the way!

Are you ready for it?

I’m pregnant.

I know, I’m insane. I swore up and down as Willow was growing that I would not have another child for two years because babies are a lot of work and I was going a little crazy. But then the nudges started when Willow hit 14 months. Baby time. Baby time.

I hate the nudges sometimes. The baby ones are the hardest to ignore for some reason, perhaps because families are so vital right now. Because strong, valiant babies raised in righteous families are needed more than ever. And also because my little darlings are just so absolutely adorable that I can’t help but want another one, though my timing might be a little more spaced out than Heavenly Father’s.

I really wanted it to not be an actual nudge and rather just some crazy fantasy brought about by sleep deprivation and too much candy. Andrew and I didn’t discuss it past the last time I mentioned something when Willow was 10 months about waiting to have another one ’til Willow was potty trained and we both nodded in agreement, sure that that was exactly what we should do. But then one day as Andrew and I were sitting on the couch, each of us getting things done on our separate computers (Andrew homework, me doing something like staring vacantly at Facebook) and not even talking about anything, I hear the words pop out of my mouth.

“I think it’s time to have another baby.”
Pause as we look at each other.
“Yeah, I’ve been thinking that too.”

It had been confirmed. There wasn’t much we could do now, it was pretty obvious what time it was. Besides, I would have more space in between my kids than the pioneer women had or some of my friends have had… I won’t have three under three like my mother did when my little brother, Bobby, was born two months before my third birthday (She then continued the trend to end up with six kids under six – with a set of twins at the end – by the age of 25. She also had two older step-kids living with us, who weren’t so fond of her. She is Superwoman. She even exclusively breastfed all six of us for a year each, including the twins.) I can deal with this, right? I am a Strong Woman too.

Continuing the trend of super impregnability that runs in my family, I got pregnant the very month (February) we started trying. No waiting period (which I secretly hoped for). I took the pregnancy test from the dollar store almost a week before my period was due and there was a VERY obvious line. Already. And then I got sick the next day, just lightly and faintly though.

Jalapenos: They do a baby good (I hope)

But that nauseousness has increased and increased and is now, at 8 weeks, about twice as bad as my pregnancy with Willow. Even on 4 mg of Zofran (and taking a unisom and B6), I’m still vomiting and feel as bad as I did when I was pregnant with Sylvia and wasn’t even taking Zofran because I didn’t know it existed. I just lie around all day now, pretty much, feeling sick to my stomach and craving things strongly. Really strongly. I wasn’t so bad with Sylvia and Willow, just a craving maybe once a week, but this pregnancy I want lots of things, every day and it’s totally insane. One day I want hot and sour soup, the next I want a jalapeño burger with lots of fries from Carl’s Junior, and then I want a salad with lots of ranch dressing and all the trimmings and then I want jalapeño poppers and chocolate and sushi and tofu and Cafe Rio. I think the only common thread in my cravings is that I really want jalapeños all the time. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Oddly, whenever I’m pregnant, I can NOT be around peanut butter. The mere smell of it makes me gag. Every pregnancy so far has been this way. This time though, I also cannot eat healthy food. I don’t know why, but things like broccoli and whole wheat bread and shredded wheat and oatmeal make me gag too. This makes me feel really guilty, because I want to eat healthy, but my cravings and aversions are so INSANELY strong, I cannot ignore them. They cry for meat too, which makes me feel even more guilty because I am a vegetarian for many reasons – like hormones, animal cruelty, health and the word of wisdom – all of which make me feel bad because I desperately want to eat fatty red meat (chicken still makes me want to gag) about half the time I’m awake. Just like I feel bad about downing the white bread and chocolate and Marshmallow Mateys (luckily the chocolate is what usually comes back up, so that helps me feel a little better).

Anyway, I’m going on tangents. I just have one last thing to mention, and that is that I had the most lovely dream about giving birth to another beautiful baby girl last night. I still have this glowing memory of it that makes me feel very attached to the little blueberry that looks nothing like a baby in my uterus right now. I really can’t wait for the next seven months to pass so I can meet this new adorable little person that I am building right now. And trusting my dreams of gender to always be wrong (I dreamed about baby boys with both Sylvia and Willow), I’ll just be guessing that this is our little Thomas Andrew, as excited as we are to have him join our little family in November. What a wonderful blessing babies are, even if they do cause me to be sicker than a dog.

They are so worth it.

It’s been a long long time…

Alright, so I kind of died 7 months ago and stopped posting. I know, I’m lame. But the reason why is because actually, I got pregnant again. And I was extremely morning sick, just like last time! But this time, I had a toddler running around and so it was much harder to blog. So, needless to say, I have not really been exercising and losing weight.

I’m 7 months along now, due December 21st with another little girl, whom we will be naming Willow! I’ve been kind of able to keep my weight down… only 15 (I’m at about 226, up from 211 prepregnancy) lbs gained last time I checked… though I might have balloooned… I’ve been afraid of weighing myself for the past two weeks, because I keep gorging on candy and ice cream and stuff. 😦

I’m planning on starting “dieting” this next week though (as in keeping track of how many calories I’m eating, not actually dieting dieting.) I don’t want to gain 30 lbs again, so that it isn’t so hard to lose it all after the new little one is born.

Someone asked if I’ve tried Wii Fit Plus yet, and no, I haven’t. I’m waiting for a good deal to come around before I buy it, because I’m a cheapskate like that. 🙂 I haven’t really been exercising… but I think I will try at least doing free step on Wii Fit for 15 minutes a day if I can, so that I can keep my blood pressure down and just be healthy. Tried doing My Fitness Coach a month ago consistently and got bad sciatica and so had to stop. So I’m guessing it’s best if I keep my exercising as low impact as possible.

I’ll keep you updated on what happens. Hopefully I can keep my weight down! Got a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, so we’ll see what the scale says. 🙂

Mah Belly

So! I finally decided to take a picture of my belly! So here it is… me nineteen weeks pregnant… about 4 weeks ago. I feel so huge right now… and it’s only going to get bigger… 😛

 ninteen weeks pregnant

Found out last week (23 weeks) that I’m having a little baby girl! I’m super excited! We’re going to name her Sylvia Michelle (the middle name may change).  We got some really cute pictures of her on the ultrasound:

 23 weeks23 weeks ultrasound

And I’m still sick in the mornings. It’s not so bad anymore, because now I just throw up in the morning and feel better during the day… Instead of how during the first trimester I was sick all day long. I guess I am doomed to have morning sickness the whole pregnancy though, which is no fun. 😦 At least it’s not so bad that I’ve had to go to the hospital or anything, I guess.

12 Week Check Up

Can you believe it? I’m 12 weeks along! This is going so fast… can’t believe I’m in the second trimester already!

Unfortunately, I’m still sick. I thought it would go away, but nooooo. Of course not. I couldn’t even eat again this morning because I was so sick.

Anyway, I went in to the doctor on Monday for the 12 week exam… it was really neat in some ways, but not so neat in others. The best part (of course) was getting to listen to the baby’s heartbeat! 170 bpm the doctor said… a good healthy baby! I’m so glad to hear that, since I was afraid of miscarriage before. They say that at this point in pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is below 5%. That’s so great! I can’t wait to find out the gender in a month and a half. So exciting!

Andrew, my DH, came along to the doctor as well… he was excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat also. Then we found out that I had to get a pap smear and a breast exam too…. Andrew stuck it out, comforting me as they stuck those metal things inside me and got some of my cells. Then the doctor made sure my uterus was the right size and that my ovaries were okay. They were, which was good. Then he poked my chest and made sure that was alright. That was too.

So I’m a healthy 21 year old. Yay me!

Poor Andrew. He probably would have rather not been there, but he was a good sport. He’s probably glad he’s not a woman. I don’t blame him. 😀

I found out one fantastic thing from the visit… I have only gained one pound since my six week visit! That is GREAT! I was so happy to hear that… maybe I am not doomed to gain 500 pounds from being pregnant after all! Maybe my metabolism will go back to normal! So many happy things it could mean! 😀 Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the weight gain down.

My doctor’s advice was to just follow my appetite and eat when I’m hungry and don’t eat when I’m not. Don’t just “eat for the baby” he said, just follow the cravings. He said that at over 200 pounds, I could healthily not gain any weight over the whole pregancy and my body would be fine, but not to try and diet.

I’m so happy! I hope everything continues this way! 🙂


So it’s been a while….

Well, it’s been a bit since I last posted on here. It’s been hard because I’m soooo sick all the time, and so mostly I feel like moping around all day. And my hubby’s laptop died again and it’s dead for good this time. So, since I can’t very well put a desktop on my lap, I have to make myself sit in the office chair and type type type.

I’m still sick. It’s worse than ever, and now I’ve tried vitamin b6 and unisom. And neither thing has helped. I still throw up in the morning, and I still feel sick all day long. Last night I ate some ñoquis (it’s Argentine food, apparently, that my friend’s brother made) and they were really good! But then I was sitting on the couch later and teasing my husband about synthesizers, and I started laughing so hard I threw them up all over myself. Oh it was so gross. Spaghetti sauce and potato noodles all over my shorts. 😦 I cry.

My hubby’s been really sweet though. My mom was telling me that my dad used to come rub her back while she would throw up, and so my hubby decided to do that to me. It’s really sweet, though I don’t know how he doesn’t throw up too. I would.

The foods that I seem to be able to hold down right now are chocolate milk, yogurt, Lay’s Potato chips (any of the sour cream varieties), and Hot Pockets or similar. I guess it’s a good thing that chocolate milk and yogurt are daily occurrences now, because they give me lots of calcium. And since I’m in my 10th week, I think I read that calcium is needed right now. But I can’t remember for sure.

I’ve got a dog show on Saturday, but I can’t help but wonder if I was out of my mind to sign up for it… my dog is not trainable right now… she is being a big butthead, really. She just came out of heat too, and I think she’s either pregnant (an accident!) or going through a false pregnancy (I sure hope so…). And her nipples are all saggy and she looks gross. We’re not going to do well, so I wonder if it’s even worth going… the show’s clear up in Farmington, which is an hour drive from here, and she shows at 9:10 am. So that means we have to leave at like 7. Bah. But I spent 25 dollars on it and 35 dollars next day express-ing a show lead to myself.

So I’m a little disgruntled. And work sucks too, because they don’t seem to understand how really sick I am, and so when I miss work they get upset with me and tell me I’m not getting the promotion they’ve been promising me for 5 months now. Stupid. I feel like quitting, but if I were going to, I’d want to work from home… so I need to find some sort of legit work from home job. And I don’t think they exist, because I can’t find one anywhere. Sigh. What will I do with myself?

Some one save me. 😦

Morning Sickness Madness

Ugh. This morning sickness is still so bad. Yesterday I found myself eating yogurt and pickles for lunch because that’s the only thing I could choke down. The yogurt seems to settle my stomach down and the pickles… I don’t know. But they taste good right now. I’ve never felt that the old adage about “pickles and ice cream” was realistic, but it seems to be. Except… I can’t make myself eat ice cream. And it makes me sad, because I love ice cream normally.

I feel sick all freaking day long. Ugh.

I have been browsing all over the internet though and have picked up a couple of remedies so far for the nausea.

Ginger – I got some ginger herbal tea. It’s disgusting. I tried choking it down at night and just couldn’t handle it. I gave up and feel bad for wasting 4 dollars. I also got some sort of Ginger Gum, made by Sea Band…. this seems to help a little bit, but it’s dang strong when you first bite into it. Not my favorite thing, but it did help supress my nausea yesterday. It didn’t help too much this morning though.

Crackers – I ate like 100 of them, and I still threw up afterwards. Does not work for me.

Anti-Nausea Wristbands – I just bought some today from Rite-Aid. I’m wearing them right now. My hands are turning purple… so I’m not sure I put them in the right place… maybe I’m just cutting off circulation. On the plus side, I don’t seem to feel sick… just light-headed. But, I also drank a nesquick chocolate milkshake and orange juice, and that might have settled my tummy down.

Unisom – My doctor told me to try taking 1/2 a pill of unisom before I go to sleep at night, and it should help take away my morning sickness. I’ll try it tonight and see what happens.

Vitamin B6 – Doctor said to take 25 mg a day and it should also help me not feel sick. :/ I’ll try it if unisom doesn’t work.

Now I’m drinking pickle juice. It’s great. 🙂 What a weirdo I am.

I hope something helps my nausea. 😦

How I’m Doin’

So, besides my Friday excursion, I’ve been doing alright. The bleeding/discharge has stopped now, so I feel a little more like I’m going to be alright. The bleeding never really got bad, it was just a little bit of it and never any tissue, so I think I’m okay. I feel more sick as time goes on (a good sign, I think), but today I had to come home early from work because I felt like I was going to puke if I stuck around too long. I had my husband give the message to my manager, while I sat in the breakroom and tried to control my breathing so I didn’t upchuck everything right there. I didn’t eat anything really this morning, besides like two gummy worms and some water, so I wasn’t sure what my stomach was threatening to get rid of, but I felt so gross.

I had to tell like three customers to hold on for a moment, while I put the mute button on and gagged and hoping my stomach wouldn’t decide to give up now. At lunchtime, I just couldn’t handle it anymore and I had my husband drive me home. As soon as we got home, I ran down the stairs and into the bathroom and threw up all of the water I’d had that day. It was the worst throwing up experience ever. Ick. After that though, I felt better, but I went to bed, finished reading Harry Potter 7 for the second time and slept for an hour. It was great.

I sure can’t wait until this morning sickness goes away though. It’s so bad. I don’t know how people get through it for 6 or 7 or 8 or more kids. But they say that it kind of peaks at 8 weeks (which is where I’ll be at tomorrow) and then goes downhill from there, though it doesn’t always hold true for everyone, of course. I sure hope it’s true for me. 😦 Bleck.

Why me?

So, here I am, blogging. I think I’m doing it mostly because I’m lonely… maybe scared a little. I don’t know what to do now that I have a little person growing in my tummy! I’ve never done this before. I’m 21… been married 8 months… I work for tech support… and I’ve got an 11 month old puppy. What am I thinking?

I’m 7 weeks along now. Well, hopefully. I’m assuming every thing’s going to be okay, even though I’ve been having some brownish spotting for a week now (I know, TMI, TMI) and so it could mean a miscarriage (that freaks me out a little). However, I feel sicker than a dog in the morning now, so I think that’s a good sign. Because I wasn’t feeling like that before. I think I’m producing hormones still and stuff. They say that’s why you feel sick in the morning, because your body’s making hormones for the baby.

This morning sickness is really getting to me. I was all pumped for having a baby and was just brushing off the morning sickness thing (Before I was experiencing it). I was like, “Oh, that’ll go by so quick, I won’t even know what happened.” And now I find myself waking up in the morning and thinking “How many more weeks before this is supposed to stop? A whole more month? This is crazy!” And then I go puke my stomach acid into the sink in the bathroom. I prefer throwing up in the sink, because I really don’t think I can handle laying my head on the toilet and puking in there. I just find that too disgusting. Even though I clean it once a week, I still just… can’t handle putting my face there.

They say to just eat a few crackers before you get out of bed and that will keep you from being sick. I vehemently disagree. I tried eating crackers, and it just made me puke more times. And it was all partially disintegrated and stuff. Ugh.

So then I tried just sitting down all morning until I had to go to work. That didn’t work either, because as soon as I stood up after making my husband some sandwiches for lunch, I felt sick any and threw up anyway.

It’s not very nice to be pregnant and working. It really isn’t nearly as easy as I thought it would be. At all. I throw up, and then I have to go to work. I can’t eat breakfast… I’d puke some more. And then I have to go talk to angry people on the phone, and that makes me want to puke while I’m talking to them… you know, it like runs up your adrenaline and stuff and that doesn’t help my queasiness go away.

However, this morning I think I found the way to keep me from actually throwing up. I got out of bed, got dressed, took the puppy out to potty (all of these things I can do before I feel like throwing up, generally), and then went into the kitchen and laid on my stomach on the cold tile floor. It was great. I felt really good, and I didn’t feel like tossing my cookies (my husband tells me he’s never heard this term before, and I told him he was a weirdo). I went to work and felt queasy all day (which is normal), but I made it without throwing up.

It’s hard to not be able to eat breakfast. Not only because I like my breakfast, but because I feel bad, because I’m sure it’s bad for the baby. But how the heck do the doctors expect you to eat anything when every time you look at something food-like anytime before noon, you feel sure you’re going to throw up if you eat it? It stinks.

Normally, I love food. I love eating my banquet lunches or my sandwiches for lunch, and my honey-nut scooters for breakfast, and enchiladas for dinner. But I can’t eat them right now because I feel so sick. 😦 It makes me sad. Sometimes I eat bean dip and chips for lunch, because my stomach seems to be okay with that… but unfortunately, it’s not very cost effective. I’m not spending freaking seven dollars every time I eat lunch. That’s insane! And Ramen noodles for dinner every night is probably not healthy either. Sigh. Such is life.

Eating is far more complicated than I ever though it would be. What will I do?