The Bowhunting Season

So I know some of you readers were following me or have come across me because I am a pregnant bowhunter. 😀 So, assuming that I have something of an audience there, I’ll tell you about my season this year.

Mostly it was great! I loved it. After my first disasterous experience with my guide, he took me and my husband to a much easier to get to spot with lots of elk. We would go up on Friday nights (because it’s hard to do it on weeknights when you’ve got work in the morning… and if you get something, you have to haul it out in the morning.) and sit at a quiet watering hole, up on a hill, behind some bushes and wait for the wildlife to come in.

The first time we went, nothing came through. But the second night, we had a herd of elk with a big six point bull come through. Since this is spike/cow only territory though, I had to leave him alone. He sure was pretty though, and having a great time splashing around in the mud. Anyway, so when they first came into the hole, I got excited and drew back… just waiting for a cow to go broadside so I could shoot (they were about 20 yards off, so easy). Buuut they were too busy bouncing in the mud, so I had to kind of let off… and let off a little quick and they heard. So the bull took off. Some of the cows stuck around though… and one came down to drink, so I took a shot.

I hit her high, but at a downward angle… and let her bound off. We waited for half an hour, then it started to get really dark, so we went to see if we could at least find the start of the blood trail… but there was nothing. We searched for an hour or two. And no blood, no arrow, nothing. We came back in the morning and searched for three or four more hours… scouring the hillside to see if we could find blood or the cow or anything… but there was not one drop of blood anywhere nearby. No arrow either. :/ I was so sad.

So we went up a few more nights… usually seeing some deer (I was too late to get a deer tag this year, sadly). And one night the same elk herd (with the six point) came back down, but there was something crunching on the hill behind where I was sitting, so that freaked them out and they took off without me getting a chance to take a shot. It was sad. No other sightings beyond that.

So it was a fun, but sadly elk-less year for me. Oh well, there’s always next year I guess! 🙂