Kitchen Upgrade!

Before I start, I wanted to make a shout out to my brother, Zen, who helped me figure out the hard parts of my kitchen. He helped frame and drywall the pantry and helped put in the cabinets and counters and did all the lighting and outlet wiring installaton. We couldn’t have done it without him. I’m lucky to have such a smart brother!

And thank you to the rest of my family who came down and helped with various projects and especially Kyrra who came down everyday for like two weeks to help me do stuff (so much caulking…) and take care of the kids. I have the best family ever!

And last but not least, my husband did a lot of the really dirty work of crawling under the house and in the ceiling and of course helping with everything else. He’s super awesome (and handsome.)

And now on to the pictures! 🙂

So when I bought my house five years ago, the biggest thing that I loved was the kitchen. It was huge compared to other homes we had looked at and it looked like luxury to me. Here is a picture of it:


Well anyway, over time I realized that the kitchen was REALLY OLD (the hood vent didn’t work, the fan was falling off the ceiling, old chipping laminate countertops and a chipped cast iron sink and there was a thirty year old compactor in there) and so I convinced Andrew to let me rip it up.

And we really ripped it up… We tore out everything except the stove. And now I really do love it. 🙂 I’d say 70% of the work was done by me alone. I dragged cabinets in and out. Ripped them off the wall. Painted. Put in the floor (I had to level it with self-leveler and that was a giant, fun, mess). Mudded the pantry (WORST. THING. EVER.) Cut shelves and supports and trim and drilled and screwed and glued and cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. The pantry was the hardest and most expensive thing, but it is SO awesome. However, pretty much everything was really hard and had complications. So worth it though.


But anyway, THE KITCHEN.















 Things I love about my kitchen: My microwave is in the pantry instead of taking up counter space. Pantry. Tall new faucet and deep single basin stainless sink. Pot rack. Island counterspace! No more gap between the stove and the counters! My stick-vac is also in the pantry. And also it’s just brighter and nicer and stuff!

Where did I get things?

Pot rack, all countertops – IKEA
Lights – Home depot and KSL
Cabinets (solid maple!) – used KSL
Cabinet pulls and knobs – Somewhere on Ebay
Everything else – Home depot
Paint – Behr Premium Ultra. I used Subtle Touch for the walls, Powdered Snow for the white cabinets and trim and Silver Hill for the dark cabinets.

How did you lose the weight?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and I often don’t have the two hours that I feel is necessary to explain how I did it. Which is my motivation for this blog post. What I usually answer is:

I exercised three times a week by doing the couch to 5k program and I calorie counted.

This really is the bare-bones of what I did. I sometimes think people are looking for something magical, like “I did the liquid amino diet!” or “I just combined green tea and lemon juice and drank it every morning and the pounds magically melted off!” (Side note: I did try phentermine for about a month through my doctor, and it kind of helped… mostly because it gave me energy because losing weight is tiring. But it also gave me scary heart palpitations and it made me cold and I couldn’t sleep at night and stuff, so I went off of it. I lost just as much weight on it as I did off of it. If you can’t lose weight without it, you won’t lose long term weight with it. Also, it costs money and you have to go to your doctor once a month which also costs money and I hate spending money when I don’t have to on things I can do myself.)

But anyway, no, I am boring. I just did five hundred hours of research (as I always do before I start doing anything in my life) and discovered that the magical secret to losing weight is eating less calories than you are expending so that your body uses your fat to power itself instead. Exercise helps a lot because you don’t have to cut what you have been eating as drastically.

For example (made up numbers, I’m too lazy to look up real ones):

If I have been eating 3000 calories per day , and I am sitting on the couch all day and want to lose 2 lbs per week without exercising, I will eat 2000 calories a day instead. This is hard.

If I am exercising three times a week and burning 500 – 600 calories each time, I can eat 2300 calories a day instead. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but man, when you’re craving a 300 calorie chocolate bar, it’s enough to help. I find it much easier to calorie count if I exercise along with it because of this principle. I don’t feel nearly as deprived.

Thoughts regarding losing weight

Why calorie counting is awesome:

My favorite calorie counting places: – The app I use now. Make friends with me! Nitetiger4 is my username. – What I started with before I had a smartphone.

Eat what you want and lose weight! YEAH. Just keep it under calories! Every once in a while (not every day) I eat something like three pieces of chocolate cake and then have a salad for dinner to keep under calories. This is what I consider a cheat day, and I do it when it comes up organically (like a holiday or a party or something), I don’t plan in advance to have one or else I somehow end up having them every day and I feel sick. If I let myself have a cheat day where I eat everything I want and have 3000 calories instead of the 1600 I’m supposed to be eating, I tend to derail for the next week. I do sometimes make exceptions for big holidays, but if I do it for like every birthday and Sunday dinner, then I stop losing weight so well.

So anyway, if you want to eat a cookie, eat a cookie. Just count the calories. Although I’ve learned not to eat it for breakfast or you will rollercoaster all day and give up. Save it for after dinner. I feel much less deprived on calorie counting because I don’t feel like I fail when I eat a cookie, unlike other diets where it’s like “OH NO I ATE A COOKIE AND DR. ATKINS WILL FIND ME AND KILL ME FOR EATING CARBS!”

Anyway, over time, hopefully you can modify to eating well along with eating less, but I feel like doing both at once is what sets people up to fail because you feel deprived of food you love and your body is deprived of calories and so your brain and your cells are all screaming at you to just eat that piece of cake please and then you eat a hundred because you failed to follow your diet and so you might as well.


What is your motivation?

– I want my body to look better.

This is a way to set yourself up to fail, imo.  I’ve gone from semi-whale-obese size at 5’9″ and 260 lbs to now 180 lbs (still another 10 to go to be in the healthy range and 20 so that I am in the middle of the healthy range). You know what though? I feel the same about my body. I still look at it and I don’t feel like I’m a sexy skinny thang, even though people come up and compliment me on how I look all the time (and by that I mean, people who know what I looked like before.) Their compliments are nice, but they’re not really motivating for me. I’ve gone from a size 20 down to a size 12… and yeah, I still see in the mirror how my hip to waist ratio is insanely larger than anyone else’s in the world rather than the fact that I have lost 4 inches around my chest and a bazillion from my waist and hips.

(Side note: It is kind of interesting to be able to see my cheekbones now, and I do notice my skinny fingers. Sometimes I stare at my fingers for 10 minutes because that’s the only place I can really tell that I lost weight and it’s kind of weird to see the difference. I had to move my wedding ring to my middle finger the other day because it kept falling off my ring finger. So that’s semi motivating, I guess, but not enough to keep me going.)

So yeah, I feel the same about my body as I did before, which is indifferent. I like myself as I am, and I always have been content with being me.  My body is now saggy and baggy where I lost all the fat, instead of being rolley polley. No one tells you that happens sometimes (not always… you’ve probably seen pictures of people that don’t have this problem. This is why there are no pictures of me in a bikini on this blog.) Supposedly, if I lose the last 20 lbs and gain more muscle I will be less saggy, but I’m not counting on it. And I don’t care. Because if I cared, I would give up and go back to being 260 lbs and eating like an elephant because I’ve realized that you’re only going to be as happy as you are where you are now. Getting a bigger house, more money, losing weight all seem like they would make you happier than you are now, but THEY DON’T. So be happy now and find a different motivator. 🙂 Smile and love yourself and kick the media in the shins and yell in their face “I DON’T CARE THAT I DON’T LOOK LIKE YOUR PHOTOSHOPPED MODELS AND NEVER WILL. I LOVE ME BECAUSE I AM FAR MORE THAN A DRESS SIZE!!!!!!”

Is your motivator to look better to the world? Consider this. Do you go up to women that you have always known to be skinny and say to them “You look so good!” and by good, you mean they are slender. No. Do you like being friends with slender women over larger women? Probably not. You might tell slender women they have a cute outfit, but you probably also say that to larger women with a sense of style. Random people don’t run up to me on the street and tell me that I am skinny and good looking either. It’s always people who know what I looked like before. Sometimes you might get lucky and someone random will tell you that “You could be a model!” but usually they have ulterior motives and they are men. Anyway, looking better so the world will notice? Yeah, you’re going to probably be disappointed, especially if you’re married. They only care if they knew you before, so when you move away from your friends and you’re skinny, no one will tell you about it anymore. Because that’s considered impolite. 🙂

This might be an ok motivator though for those who are still looking for an SO, I guess, but if you’re not confident with yourself now, you probably won’t be when you’ve lost weight. Also, won’t you always be frightened that your SO married you for looks and what will happen if you gain the weight back? (I would be.) Also, you probably won’t stay motivated, because it takes a long time to lose enough weight that guys/girls will notice you more than they did before anyway.

Do you want to lose weight for your significant other? Meh. Your husband probably doesn’t care (unless he’s a douche.) Let me tell you that my skinny, handsome husband looked at my pictures of me when I was 260 lbs and said “Well, I guess love really is blind.” meaning that looking back now, he can see how big I was, but then, he didn’t really notice. He loves and has loved me for who I am personality wise – not how I looked. And now that I’m smoking hot (lololol), he reaps the rewards of sticking with me when I was fat… I guess. But though he does compliment me on how good of a job I have done losing weight and sticking with exercising, he really doesn’t love me any more or less than before. Also, my stomach has an insane amount of bright red stretch marks from having three children and they will never go away (unless I get plastic surgery, but see my qualifier above… YOU WILL ONLY BE AS HAPPY WITH YOURSELF AS YOU ARE NOW, SO WHY BOTHER), so if he was sticking around for looks, those would have frightened him off long ago.

Anyway my point is, don’t be motivated by how you will look because you will be sad and give up when you don’t see the results as quickly as you wanted to.

– I want to be healthier. ( And I want to set a good example for my children.)

This is my motivator. I want to be less likely to die from a heart attack. I don’t want to get diabetes. I don’t want to be tired and not be able to play with my kids. I don’t want to have sleep apnea from being too big. I don’t want my body to fall apart as I get older and not be able to do things anymore. I don’t want to wait to take care of myself until my kids have moved away and it’s “”””easier”””” because I will have my habits set and I’ll be too old and tired and by then my body is past its prime anyway and your body is already hurt and tired from years of you not taking care of it and it will be much harder than you think. I want to exercise and eat well so I can help hopefully stave off the depression that runs in my family. I want my children to see me eat sensibly, so that they eat sensibly as well. I want my children to see me exercise and compete and then want to exercise and carry that habit into adulthood. I want my children to take care of themselves and love themselves. I need to do this now because the longer I wait, the harder it is. I don’t want to wait until something exterior (losing SO, bad health) forces me into it, I will take control now and do it because I want to.

Did you know that your children will grow up to pretty much be exactly like you? This is a scary thing, but statistically it’s likely. So take care of yourself and set the example, so that your kids don’t have to say “I don’t want to be like my mother/father” and then fight with their habits their whole lives. Also, meet some older people who have been heavy their whole lives and see exactly how their bodies are falling apart and how many surgeries they have to have and how easily they break and realize how you really, really, really, don’t want to do that to yourself.

There are other reasons, but these are the two main ones that have been in my head. There are probably some other good ones for you. Just analyze your reasoning and motivation to make sure your motivation is strong enough to carry you through the hard parts. 🙂

Finding a goal:

What’s your goal?

Mine was originally this: Get to 160 lbs.

Um, yeah, that is a good goal, but it’s hard when you have 60 lbs to lose to feel motivated after a month and you’ve lost 5 lbs.

Your first goal is this: I WILL FORM A HABIT OF EXERCISING THREE TIMES A WEEK AND COUNTING MY CALORIES EVERY DAY. You may not run far. You may eat way too many calories. That’s ok. The goal is the habit at first. Then move on to staying under your calorie goal and running further or faster every week.

After that, try something like:

Lose 3 lbs in two weeks. Lose 6 lbs in a month.

Be able to run for longer than 30 seconds. Run a mile. Run a 5k.

Short goals and a long term goal are a good combination to help keep motivated. Tell Facebook and your SO your progress and when you meet your goal. People will cheer you on and it helps. 🙂


Three times a week. Thirty minutes each time, at least. Whatever you choose, you’re probably going to hate it for the next month, if you keep doing it, so just be resigned to that and pick something. Find a program to help you progress in your exercise so you see progress there and so that your body doesn’t get bored and start making you burn less calories as it gets used to what you’re doing. I used Couch to 5k (, but you could find another program for biking or elliptical or swimming or whatever, I’m sure. It’s really important that you push yourself so you see results (Jillian Michaels talks a lot about this. It’s hard because we promised you would see results… and honesetly to see results it has to be hard.)

Make sure whatever you choose is easy to get out and do. This is why I picked running, because all I needed was shoes and my shoes were not going to get a flat tire or be closed for the holidays and I could do it inside or outside during the various seasons and the gym and the road are right outside my door, which means I can get ready to run in ten minutes and be back in thirty and I don’t have a lot of time to get demotivated once I get started getting ready. Also I can take my dog running and she appreciates the exercise and will mostly not trip me or judge how I look when I’m running.

If you can find a buddy to go with you, this helps a lot because you don’t want to let them down and not come. This is most motivating if it’s just you and one other person and the other person is always consistent, so that you know that they will be left waiting if you don’t show. However, it’s not necessary. I ran by myself for four months with my dog and showed up for myself just fine because I was committed. Which leads me to…

Be committed and plan:

You must be committed to losing weight and you must plan how you will implement it. For me, it had to become the most important thing in my life. I found my motivation and figured out my plan, and then I said to my husband something like: “I am going to do couch to 5k. I am doing it three times a week for 30 minutes, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 o’clock. If the kids aren’t in bed, you’re just going to have to handle it and get them to bed.” (I also told him “Don’t bring candy home ever, unless I tell you to, because I will eat it all. You can eat all the candy you want, just not in the house please.”)

You have to make yourself go through with it NO MATTER WHAT. I liked telling my husband the above because he’d then say “Wait, aren’t you going running tonight? You better go get ready. I’ve got the kids. We’ll play Skyrim when you get back.”

Also, setting a time, the same time every time you go, is really helpful in making it a habit. It doesn’t matter what time of day you go, according to studies, just as long as it’s a good time for you and that you know you can commit to. (I am just now getting into morning running, because I HATE WAKING UP EARLY. So that’s I chose evenings when I first started)

It’s really really really hard to start exercising and stay consistent (especially if you’ve never exercised before), so you must tell yourself that it is the most important thing ever and you will do it even if you don’t want to and you’re so tired and the kids and blah blah blah. Do you skip Downton Abbey on Thursday night (I don’t know when it’s on, I’m just guessing) because you’re so tired and the kids bit you all day long? No. You cannot miss exercise either and it must be as important to you as your favorite TV show or book or whatever, even though you hate it. (Also, you can try telling yourself that you can’t watch Downton Abbey til you get that exercise done.) It must come first.

If you can get past the first three weeks of consistent exercise, it becomes a habit and it gets a lot easier to do. The first week of couch to 5k was pretty much hell for me. I could not run for 30 seconds without feeling like I was dying. But I pushed on. I was gasping and flopping down the road pretty much like a giant whale that grew legs. After three/four weeks, my body had adjusted and my habit had been formed and it was so much easier and I was burning way more calories every time I went out and I was finally seeing results. Push through.

(Also, after 10 months of running, I am JUST NOW starting to actually kind of enjoy it for itself. I kind of liked it before too, because I discovered that it really relieves my stress, but now I am starting to like running just because it’s kind of fun to reach the top of hills and see the vistas and push yourself and stuff)

You must be committed to calorie counting too. Again, it takes time to build the habit of entering everything you eat into your phone or computer or onto your piece of paper, but don’t give up. Keep trying. You’ll see results if you push through the initial hard part.

Now for me, I have to keep calorie counting. If I start thinking I can wing it, I go into maintenance mode (where I don’t lose weight, or I start to gain a little). Some people get the hang of calorie counting and then can just keep doing it without keeping track on paper, but I wouldn’t count on that person being you. So you might have to calorie count for a year or so and once you’ve lost the weight, every now and then to get back on track. Just deal with it.

Tips and Tricks

I hate these. I can never remember them when I read them on blogs. Here are a few though, just in case you can retain this information.

– You will not see results at first, most likely. You will hate every day when you wake up and it’s exercise day (if you’re exercising right, that is, where you push yourself) and you will probably hate inputting all of the food you eat and how at the end of the day you’re still kind of hungry but you can’t eat anything. And you will hate how your husband eats candy all the time and hasn’t gained any weight. And then you will weigh yourself and see no change or a small one, most likely and you will want to give up. Don’t. Keep going. One day you will get on the scale and you will have lost a pound. Be proud, even though it’s only 1/60th of your goal. You did something! And all those little 1/60ths will add up to 100% of your goal one day and you’ll have done it. Just keep going because it DOES work. And it DOES work for everyone, even you. It just takes time. The habit is your goal at first, really.

– You will be tired. People say that when they lost weight they got more energy, but I think this happens when you’re maintaining your goal weight. While you’re losing the weight and exercising you are tired. This is because your body is having to adjust to using fewer calories, so it tries to make you slow down so you burn fewer calories. It doesn’t like to burn your fat stores if it can help it. So you just have to realize that this will be a challenge that you’ll have to push through. You might be crabby like me while body realizes that it’s going to have to burn the fat stores, but again, you have to push through it. Eventually you do adjust and you’re not quite as tired.

–  I say weigh yourself every day first thing in the morning, after you use the bathroom and before you eat or drink. Be naked. I weigh myself every day because I can’t stay motivated otherwise. If I do it every day I immediately see that the whole cake I ate yesterday made me gain three pounds and I can more easily not eat cake today, rather than seeing it a week later.

– Eat (non-cream-based) soup for dinners as often as you can stand it. Eat the leftovers for lunch. This is lovely advice. Soup is low calorie and fills you up . It keeps you from having cravings too. Also, you can eat more ice cream at the end of the day if you eat more soup during it.

– Recalculate your calories downward every 15 lbs you lose. Your body requires less calories when you have less weight for your muscles to haul around, so to continue losing weight, you must eat fewer calories.

–  Drink water before you eat. This helps you feel more full and eat less.

– Don’t drink soda or gatorade or really, anything that’s not water (unless you need caffeine in tiny amounts for migraines). Wean yourself off (before you start calorie counting, preferably.) Even diet drinks are bad for you and your weight loss, according to studies. Protein shakes, ok. Green smoothies, pretty ok if you don’t drink too much or have too much fruit/milk in them. Maybe coconut water too, if it’s pure. Don’t drink juice. Soda, juice, gatorade, mostly sugar. Not good for you. Too many empty calories that just make you have cravings and make you hate life.

– Don’t give up. Never ever ever give up. You keep trying til you get it. One day you will. 🙂 Don’t be sad when you miss a day, just get up and try again.

Anyway, good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to post below since I’m sure I’m sure I missed something. I’ll try to respond. 🙂

My Wonderful Mother

Since it’s Mother’s Day and I’m not all that creative, I thought it would be a great time to write a post about my mom, just like everyone else. But really, it’s because I love bragging about my mother. She has accomplished some absolutely incredible things in her life and come through so much tribulation to be the wonderful person she is today.

Let me start by telling you the incredible obstacles that she has overcome:

My mother grew up as the oldest child of six. Her mother was bi-polar. Back then, they really didn’t have effective ways to treat this, so life growing up was a bit… rough at times. Needless to say, she didn’t have a whole lot of good mothering role models.

At age 18, a few months after graduating high school, she eloped to Las Vegas and married my father – a man 11 years her senior (they will not tell us any information about this wedding. I think they eloped because both of their families were opposed to them getting married). Nine and a half months later, I was born and a little over a year after they were married in Vegas they were sealed in the Los Angeles California temple.

After that, babies came quickly. My mom had three more kids by the time I was barely five, and by the time I was six (almost seven), she had also given birth to my twin sisters. So for a couple months, she had six kids under the age of six (with twin cabooses). She nursed all of us for at least a year. Including my twin sisters. Yeah, that in and of itself is incredible at a time when bottle feeding was all the rage.

Oh, did I forget to mention that my mom was also a stepmother to my dad’s children from a former marriage? Two of the boys lived with us for various amounts of time while I was growing up. And you know how stepfamily relationships are. So by the time my mother was 25 (which is how old I am now), she effectively had eight children. Also, my dad traveled for his job a lot.

Sometime before my mom gave birth to the twins, my grandmother committed suicide, leaving her with no support on that end, along with a heart-breaking tragedy to deal with.

Additionally, after the twins were born, my mother had to have a hip replacement, because when she was a baby she had an infection in a hip and it had deteriorated so much they had to replace it. At age 26. This is a lot harder on your body than you might think and is pretty crippling.

When we were a little older, my mom was also diagnosed bi-polar (luckily they had better medicines by then). 🙂

Oh yes, and one of my brothers is ADHD. Another is autistic, ADD and bipolar. I and a sister were diagnosed with depression.

So where do I start honoring someone who endured so much to raise me and my siblings? She took us to church every Sunday, taught us the gospel, got us all to school, fed us, clothed us, had family home evening, read scriptures with us. She has incredible perseverance and a determination that just boggles the mind. She would and will do anything for her children.

Despite having children with some very tough mental and behavioral issues, she didn’t kill any of us! And she somehow dealt with the sometimes very cruel judgmental/hostile attitudes that were much more prevalent then than now about kids with those sort of problems.

Her three boys got their eagles and her three girls got their young women’s medallions. Five of us graduated high school, most of us with honors. She home-schooled my autistic brother and he acheived his GED. Two of the boys have gone on missions. She completed her Associates degree this year, which is awesome after not having really attended school for 24 years. And I hear she got really good grades… at the very least straight As one semester. She has been married for 26 years, has two grandkids (mine) and became a grandmother at the young age of 37.

Her love for her children and grandchildren is second-to-none and she is always aware and worried about everyone else’s welfare. She has sacrificed so much for her children and received little thanks from us and no worldly fame. Her faith in Christ and in the gospel has never seemed to waver.

She is incredible, amazing, beautiful, wonderful. I’m so glad that she’s my mother. She often tells me how impressed she is by my determination and willingness to get things done, but you know – I learned it from her.

Thanks mom, for being there for me always and for raising me. I love you. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s been a long long time…

Alright, so I kind of died 7 months ago and stopped posting. I know, I’m lame. But the reason why is because actually, I got pregnant again. And I was extremely morning sick, just like last time! But this time, I had a toddler running around and so it was much harder to blog. So, needless to say, I have not really been exercising and losing weight.

I’m 7 months along now, due December 21st with another little girl, whom we will be naming Willow! I’ve been kind of able to keep my weight down… only 15 (I’m at about 226, up from 211 prepregnancy) lbs gained last time I checked… though I might have balloooned… I’ve been afraid of weighing myself for the past two weeks, because I keep gorging on candy and ice cream and stuff. 😦

I’m planning on starting “dieting” this next week though (as in keeping track of how many calories I’m eating, not actually dieting dieting.) I don’t want to gain 30 lbs again, so that it isn’t so hard to lose it all after the new little one is born.

Someone asked if I’ve tried Wii Fit Plus yet, and no, I haven’t. I’m waiting for a good deal to come around before I buy it, because I’m a cheapskate like that. 🙂 I haven’t really been exercising… but I think I will try at least doing free step on Wii Fit for 15 minutes a day if I can, so that I can keep my blood pressure down and just be healthy. Tried doing My Fitness Coach a month ago consistently and got bad sciatica and so had to stop. So I’m guessing it’s best if I keep my exercising as low impact as possible.

I’ll keep you updated on what happens. Hopefully I can keep my weight down! Got a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, so we’ll see what the scale says. 🙂

Cloth Diapering

Completely unrelated to my normal theme of weight loss, I have decided to try cloth diapers with my 18 m/o daughter. This is mainly for one reason: Because I am a cheap person. Or frugal. However you want to put it. Of course, this also has an added affect of being environmentally friendly, but I’m mostly doing it because it’s cheaper than disposable.

And this is even considering that I buy the cheapest diapers available… mainly Parent’s Choice from Walmart, which at Size 5 comes to about 15 cents a diaper. However, these diapers are also ridiculously bad at keeping my daughter’s poo inside them and occasionally leaking when she sleeps. But we’ll assume they average around 15 cents a diaper, over all the diapering stages that kids are in (although I actually used Swaddlers with her for her first 3 months of life, which are far more expensive). I averaged probably… oh, 5 diapers a day over her whole lifespan. So that’s about 75 cents a day. Wipes are negligible… I buy the huge packs for $11 at Walmart and they last like 3 months. My daughter has been alive for about 550 days.

So lowballing it, I’ve spent:

$412 on diapers

$66 on wipes

$20 on garbage bags

$10 on a diaper pail

Also some amount on diaper rash stuff. But we’ll use what we have here.

So overall, I’ve spent about $508 on diapering my child… and she’s not even potty trained yet. We’ll probably be diapering her for another 6 months plus, so that’ll be another $160 some odd dollars.

Contrast this with what I have discovered for cloth diapering:

36 Infant Prefolds ($1.16 each) – $42

18 Premium  Prefolds ($2 each… I bought these not on sale, that’s why they’re more) – $36

18 Toddler Prefolds ($1.50 each) – $27

4 of the two sizes of Thirsties Duo Wraps ($8 each on sale)  – $64

A few wool covers for nightime (made out of sweaters from the dollar store) – $8

A total of about $177 for the bare minimum of everything I need. This versus $668 (+) on disposables, if you’re buying dirt cheap stuff and you have a baby that doesn’t need a whole lot of diaper changes. Not to mention you can reuse cloth on several babies, so that defrays the cost even more.

So here I go on my cloth diaper foray… we’ll see how it goes!

Other Things

So this blog entry is not about Wii Fit. It is about me and my baby. Just in case any one got lost.

Not too much has been happening lately… We blessed Sylvia the Sunday before last and that was really neat. Here’s a picture of Sylvia in her blessing dress:

Sylvia at 8 weeks old.

This is the same dress that I was blessed in and that my mom and her two sisters were blessed in. So it’s been through a few babies now and is a little more than 40 years old. I think it’s very pretty. It also had a hat, but I was not feeling it at all, so we didn’t use it.

So now Sylvia is 2 1/2 months, and boy is she a cutie pie! She has learned how to grab things, and so is grabbing and touching EVERYTHING she can. Her toys, my hair, my shirt, the couch… etc. Whenever I hold her while I’m sitting on the couch, she always throws herself towards the fabric so that she can run her hands across it and coo at it. And she has to sit up. No more laying down for Sylvia, she hates that unless she’s sleeping. She wants to sit up.

She loves trying to imitate the things I say, like “Good Job!” she responds to with “Goo Jaa” and “I love you” with “Ah Gooo Ooo”. She also imitates me when I kiss her hands (which I do a lot). I’ll put my thumbs out so she can grab them with her hands, then I bring her hands up to my mouth and kiss them. Once I’ve done that, she’ll pull my hands to her mouth and click her tongue (which makes a noise kind of like a kiss). Sometimes she also licks me on accident, then she makes a face like “Eww… what is that?”. It’s adorable. I must admit, my baby is so dang cute! 😛

She’s progressed pretty far as far as muscles go and she loves standing. She can balance herself pretty well… I can sit her on the ground, put her feet up against my foot and then let her grab my thumbs, and if I slowly raise my hands up, she’ll pull herself into a stand. She’ll then stand on the ground just balancing herself occasionally against my hands, which are in front of her. It’s pretty impressive.

She can’t quite balance by herself in a sit yet though (she can if she’s holding my thumbs), which is just fine, because she’s not supposed to sit for a while anyway.

Anyway, enough about my fabulous baby. 😛 My turn!

As far as I go, I’ve just been working out and trying to lose weight still. I’m still at home all day with Sylvia, which is a lot of fun. 🙂

For a while, I’ve been aching to play The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, but we couldn’t find the collector’s edition of Zelda for gamecube anywhere for cheaper than $30, so I was kind of bummed. But Andrew and I had this great idea of buying a usb controller, getting an N64 emulator on our computer and getting the Majora’s Mask ROM, and then hooking our computer up to the TV! So now I’m playing through Majora’s Mask, and Andrew is playing through Master Quest. It’s awesome.

That’s about it though! In a couple of weeks we’ll be going down to Vegas for the 4th of July, which will be LOTS of fun.

Anyway, hope you’re all doing great!