Cloth Diapering

Completely unrelated to my normal theme of weight loss, I have decided to try cloth diapers with my 18 m/o daughter. This is mainly for one reason: Because I am a cheap person. Or frugal. However you want to put it. Of course, this also has an added affect of being environmentally friendly, but I’m mostly doing it because it’s cheaper than disposable.

And this is even considering that I buy the cheapest diapers available… mainly Parent’s Choice from Walmart, which at Size 5 comes to about 15 cents a diaper. However, these diapers are also ridiculously bad at keeping my daughter’s poo inside them and occasionally leaking when she sleeps. But we’ll assume they average around 15 cents a diaper, over all the diapering stages that kids are in (although I actually used Swaddlers with her for her first 3 months of life, which are far more expensive). I averaged probably… oh, 5 diapers a day over her whole lifespan. So that’s about 75 cents a day. Wipes are negligible… I buy the huge packs for $11 at Walmart and they last like 3 months. My daughter has been alive for about 550 days.

So lowballing it, I’ve spent:

$412 on diapers

$66 on wipes

$20 on garbage bags

$10 on a diaper pail

Also some amount on diaper rash stuff. But we’ll use what we have here.

So overall, I’ve spent about $508 on diapering my child… and she’s not even potty trained yet. We’ll probably be diapering her for another 6 months plus, so that’ll be another $160 some odd dollars.

Contrast this with what I have discovered for cloth diapering:

36 Infant Prefolds ($1.16 each) – $42

18 Premium¬† Prefolds ($2 each… I bought these not on sale, that’s why they’re more) – $36

18 Toddler Prefolds ($1.50 each) – $27

4 of the two sizes of Thirsties Duo Wraps ($8 each on sale)  Р$64

A few wool covers for nightime (made out of sweaters from the dollar store) – $8

A total of about $177 for the bare minimum of everything I need. This versus $668 (+) on disposables, if you’re buying dirt cheap stuff and you have a baby that doesn’t need a whole lot of diaper changes. Not to mention you can reuse cloth on several babies, so that defrays the cost even more.

So here I go on my cloth diaper foray… we’ll see how it goes!