The Luck o’ the Irish

I totally love St. Patrick’s Day. Mostly because it’s a silly holiday. I feel that way about it because I really think the idea of Patron Saints is one of the silliest ideas  invented by the Catholic church and so I feel ok about celebrating it as a secular, fun, silly holiday. Leprechauns and dying food green is just a lot of fun for me and the kids. And also I love corned beef and cabbage. Yum!

I do not feel this way about Christmas and Easter. And just straight up, I do not tell my children there is a Santa Claus or an Easter Bunny. Although we give a few presents at Christmastime, we tell the kids exactly where they came from and tell them that it’s representative of the gifts given at Christ’s birth and some other religious stuff, etc. At Easter, we do an Easter Egg hunt, but we do it separately from the holiday if we aren’t visiting with family. I might consider doing Sankt Nicklaustag like the Germans do, maybe though, since that’s pretty much on par with St. Patrick’s Day to me. I dunno, maybe I am just a Grinch who doesn’t like the commercialization of Christ’s birth and resurrection much. I’m all for donating toys to kids that don’t have them and volunteering and things like that that really are celebratory of Christ’s birth instead. And also emphasizing the importance of Christ over Santa and the Easter Bunny.

But anyway, back to St. Patty’s Day. I love it. Also, it’s nice to be reminded of my heritage. My great grandmother on my mother’s side was full Irish as her parents both immigrated from Ireland. I like to be reminded of the sacrifices my ancestors made to get over here, and it’s also a good reminder of the kind of stereotyping and stuff they had to endure (like the drunkard thing and several other nasty ideas the Americans had about the Irish at the time – some of which have endured, unfortunately). I’m proud to be part Irish and I’m glad I have this day to celebrate it and tell my kids about their great-great-great-grandparents, and also because then I realize that I should probably work on my genealogy.

But anywho, if you needed more proof that I’m totally insane, there you go. I have somewhat weird reasoning about holidays that I celebrate. Now I’m off to make these delicious concoctions for dinner:

Lucky Leprechan Lime Drink

Corned Beef, Cabbage and Red Potatoes

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