Wii Fit Diet + My Fitness Coach – A quick update

So I think my wii fit might be on the fritz. Or it might just hate me… but it consistently is weighing me 5 lbs heavier than what I weighed before. This evening, I got on it and it weighed me at 216 (vs 211 yesterday). Then I got on it after my Fitness Coach workout, and it weighed me at 221. Umm, kay? Weird. I weighed myself on a normal scale, and it said I weighed 210, so I am not sure what’s up.

In other news, I do not like My Fitness Coach’s yoga. I tried it today after my workout to help me relax, but it was super hard, because she expects you to know all of the different poses in yoga already and once she tells you what to do for a set (and you awkwardly try to follow her instructions) the first time around, the second time you’re expected to crane your neck up to look at the TV to see what she’s doing and when she’s changing positions. That’s right… she doesn’t say a THING to tell you when to move into the next position. This means when you’re supposed to move from a downward facing dog position into a crocodile, you will probably fall over, because you’re trying to see when she’s switching positions moving by holding your head at an awkward angle, trying to drop down into crocodile properly  and trying to do proper breathing. I quit after 8 minutes of it, because both sets she had me do had downward dog in it and I couldn’t see ANYTHING. And she wasn’t telling me what to do! Argh! It was hurting my neck and my eyes so bad!

Otherwise though, I still really like My Fitness Coach. I’ve been through several different types of exercises now, and I do like its format. It’s face paced and gets me really moving! And nothing beats seeing how you burned 137 calories after your 30 minute workout. Yeeeeaaaah baby! And overall I do like it better than wii fit, except the yoga part. I still prefer Wii Fit for Yoga.

That’s about it though! I’ve gotta vacuum my house before my husband gets home. Oops. 🙂 Too much exercise today (38 minutes)!

5 thoughts on “Wii Fit Diet + My Fitness Coach – A quick update

  1. Hey, just stumbled upon the site! I too bought Wii fit and quickly became bored with it (about a week, I think).. and picked up My Fitness Coach.. which I am still using.. I’m on my silver trophy! 2 days until my next strength tests too! Anyways, just want to say Keep up the good work!!! you’re looking great! Its great to have found something that’s actually working, eh?

  2. It’s worth nothing the the Wii Fit scale is anything but accurate. I encountered the same problems and only weighed myself for the sake of doing it. I put most of my reliance into the bathroom scale as a result.

    That’s not to say I didn’t lose weight with Wii Fit. From the day I bought it to the time I met my goal, it helped me lose over 30 lbs. (along with proper nutrition and walking). I started with 30 minutes then eventually went to 60 minutes. I’ve since graduated to jogging on a treadmill–30 and now 60 minutes–and walking even more daily.

    That said, good luck to you! Stick to it and you’ll make it 🙂

    Dave, 200by40.com

  3. Well hi! I found your blog because I’m trying to figure out how many calories Wii Fit Free Step burns, and stumbled on the My Fitness Coach stuff. I loved that program! She beat me up for a while and now I’m back to walking in almost-nice weather and Gold’s Gym Cardio, but man I loved the Fitness Coach for a while. Congrats on your success so far! Outstanding!

    Your post caught my eye because I hated the My Fitness Coach yoga as well, until I did it a few times out of sheer necessity (post-trauma pain makes yoga rather necessary whether I enjoy it or not). I found that although she’s finally come to bore me as Wii Fit has, the yoga DOES get better. There’s a pattern in her routines, and now that I’ve learned her style I don’t spend all my time glaring at her on the television instead of doing the poses I couldn’t keep up with. My mother is probably on yoga workout 6, and still glares at the television. ^_^ It does take a while!

    Best of success in the rest of your fitness journey! I doubt I’ll be back to your blog, but you never know.

  4. I got My Fitness Coach about a week ago and am really enjoying using it. It’s an actual workout rather than stilted activities on the Wii Fit. It would be helpful to have some info on how to perform the specific routines.

    I completely agree with you on the yoga. I tried it last night and felt like I was being rushed, hurried and confused. Couldn’t keep up, was not relaxing at all and I, too, turned it off after about 10 minutes.

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