Wii Fit Diet, Day 14

Woot! Day 14 has arrived and I’m feeling better than ever!

Weight: 231.0

BMI: 33.08

Wii Fit Age: 24 (stupid Agility test again! Two days in a row…)

Difference from yesterday: -1.8 lbs

Pound difference from starting weight: -7.8 lbs (over 18 days)

I really need to get a flexible measuring tape, so that I can take my measurements… I think that would be nice to see.

I am seeing a difference in my shape, I think. My butt looks a little smaller at least. šŸ˜› Mostly I feel different. I find myself feeling more energetic, happy and confident throughout the day. It’s great! I know that sounds like a diet commercial, but it’s so true!

Still doing the same workout as before: 10 minutes of Advanced Step (which I got a high score of 667 pts on today! Yay me!), 10 minutes of Super Hula Hoop and 10 minutes of Free Run. Now I have 1 more week before I go down to Vegas for the 4th of July, where we visit my husband’s family… and swim a lot. So I’m hoping I can drop two more pounds, so that I can feel more confident in my swimming suit. šŸ˜›

Anyway, that’s all!

Good Luck everyone else!

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