Wii Fit Diet, Day 13

Lucky Day 13 stats:

Weight: 232.8 lbs

BMI: 33.33

Wii Fit Age: 27 (stupid Agility test again)

Difference from yesterday: +.7 lbs

Pound difference from starting weight: -6 lbs

I thought I’d start tracking the differences in my weight gain and lost so people can see what it looks like. πŸ™‚

Just a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary, except for stupid Super Hula Hoop in the second half was not following my hip swinging. All of my hoops fell off with 40 seconds to go, despite the fact that I was swinging around in a circle as hard as I could. I went and checked the board after that and it said it was fine, so I don’t know what the heck it was doing. It worked just fine for the first half of hula hooping. Grr.

Anyway, it was a good workout today. I sweated more than ever! Whether that’s due to working harder or just the fact that it’s hotter outside, I don’t know, but I felt like I was getting those calories worked off!

Avlor wanted to know yesterday how I can manage to do 10 minute Super Hula Hoop. The way I get myself through it, actually, is by putting on some music that I really feel like shaking my booty to. Since nobody is watching me except my 3 month old daughter when I exercise, I can shake my booty to the music without feeling self conscious. And no one throws up. πŸ˜› Now, my booty shaking music may be different than your booty shaking music, but here’s what I listened to today:

Curbside Prophet – Jason Mraz (from the Tonight Not Again Live from the Eagles Ballroom CD. It’s very awesome.)
Airport Song – Guster
Clockwatching – Jason Mraz

I liked Jason Mraz before it was cool to like Jason Mraz, btw, I know he’s jumped in popularity lately, but I liked him long, long ago.

Anyway, that’s it for today! I gotta go shower or something. Ick.

Good luck!

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