Wii Fit Diet, Day 12

Alright, so I was going to exercise on Saturday, but I turned on the wii fit, got on the scale and had the following weight stats:

Weight: 238.8 lbs

BMI: 34.18

Wii Fit Age: Nothing, because I just wanted to die.

Considering that that is exactly how much I weighed when I started Wii Fit two weeks ago, I sat down and started to cry. I was so sad, I couldn’t believe it. My husband pottered over to me and was like “Are you ok?”, as tears poured down my face. I had been so happy that I’d lost almost 3 pounds, and now it had all of a sudden jumped back on me, despite being very good with my exercising and my diet. I was so depressed I didn’t exercise. And of course I don’t exercise on Sundays, so I didn’t get on it until today, just now. And guess what?

Weight: 232.1

BMI: 33.23

Wii Fit Age: 20

Total weight lost: 6.7 lbs in 16 days.

Seriously, What The Heck? Was I somehow retaining 6.7 lbs of water? I’m wearing the same clothes, ate the same way… I even reweighed myself to make sure it wasn’t a glitch. But sho’ nuff, it still said 232 lbs.

So total, I’m down 6.7 pounds from my starting weight and down 7.3 lbs from the most I ever weighed while I’ve been playing.

Today I only exercised for 30 minutes again. 30 minutes is so much easier to do than a whole hour. An hour is forever. 30 minutes is great. I’ve decided on kind of a routine now too… 10 minutes of advanced step, 10 minutes of Super Hula Hoop and 10 minutes of Free Run. I do it that way because Advanced Step is kind of slow and works well as a warm-up, then Super Hula Hoop really gets my heart going and then I move to Free Run, which I can start hard, then I can slowly warm down at the end. It seems to work fine!

Well, I hope my weight is similar tomorrow, or I might break down again. 😛 My poor hubby.

Hope you’re all doing well! Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Wii Fit Diet, Day 12

  1. Just popping in with an attempt at encouragement again.

    You will have ups and downs. (Your daily weight in and of itself fluctuates, along with calories, how much milk the baby drinks, eventually when you get that lovely time of the month again too (boy that one is a real pain for me) … and other factors ad nausuem.)

    There was a point (1 week into it) where I weighed more than when I first started wii fit.

    So the real trick is to look at (and keep looking at) the over all trend). What kind of a line would you get on that wii weight graph if you zoom out to say 3 months or a year.

    Be consistent – it will pay off. 😉 One of the things I look at when I’m feeling down is how much more endurance I have. (That one doesn’t zip up and down like my weight.)

    Good for you for being down 6.7 lbs from the start. (I’m only down 3.1 right now and have been doing this longer and hit an up in weight for a few days (thanks to family visiting and a few other factors – grumble). Know that you’re doing better than I am right now.) If I can keep this up, so can you. 😉

    P.S. (How can you do 10 min hula hoop? My knees are jelly at the 6 min one.)

  2. Remember, 1 lb is 3500 calories, so that is how many excess calories you have to burn or eat less off to lose 1 lb.

    Based on what you have

    1700 calorie intake:

    30 min of excise, guessing that is around 400 calories, means you have net intake of 1200 calories. 2000-1200 is about 800, so this means you would lose 1 lb every 3500/800=4.5 days. Based on 16 days that is is only 16/4.5=4.5 lbs. You are probably ahead of this because your base calorie rate is higher than 2000, but keep in mind once you reach your ideal weight you need to still need to keep calories down around the 2000 area (maybe less). Also, you can see how much food can affect this, 400 calories is only about 2 sodas, so 2 sodas in one day undoes all your hard exercise….

    Good Luck!

  3. I am also working out with Wii Fit and have lost 11 pounds since Jan 5 (just over a month). I love your blog. How are you doing now? I look forward to being where you were in weight when you stopped writing about it! I just hit 253…

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