Wii Fit Diet, Day 10

And Day 10 of the Wii Fit Diet arrives in all it’s triumphant splendor! Today’s stats:

Weight: 236.8 lbs

BMI: 33.90

Wii Fit Age: 26

Today the Balance Board had me do that dratted Agility test again, raising my Wii Fit Age to 26. I only managed to get through 15 of the “levels” in it in 30 seconds and that’s just not good enough, apparently. πŸ˜›

In other news: I’m up half a pound. I am at peace with that.

Today I actually did it… I did the 10 minute Super Hula Hoops. Avlor, who commented on my last blog, gave me the advice to try doing it while listening to music. So I did! And it worked great! I was ranked as a calorie incinerator despite my earlier qualms about even being able to finish it at all.

I also decided to do Free Run for the first time and I listened to music for the 10 minutes that I ran that. The Wii told me that I ran 2 miles in 10 minutes, but I very much doubt that. I think the fastest mile I’ve ever run is 9 minutes, so I’m pretty sure I just ran a mile… if that.

Overall, I just did 28 minutes of working out today because I also walked to the bank with the baby in the stroller and that took at least 20 minutes. Incidentally, I cannot figure out how to enter extra-curricular activities into the Wii Fit. I suppose I could look it up or something, but that would be too much work.

I’ve been reading, by the way, and I’ve heard there are some more fitness games due to come out that utilize the balance board. Like one from “The Biggest Loser” (which I’ve only heard about and never watched) that is supposedly due out during the holiday season. That’s good, because by then I’ll probably be sick of Wii Fit. πŸ˜€

Well that’s about it for today! Good luck to everyone!

6 thoughts on “Wii Fit Diet, Day 10

  1. Hi from germany, I hope my english is good enough to guide you to the extra-activity-screen.

    Switch to the view with your trend charts, not that one in the lobby. On the top you see the buttons BMI, Weight, Wii fit Age and FitCash. Click on FitCash, on this screen you should see the last week and how long you exercised each day.

    There should be a button (top right, under the FitCash button), in german ist says “Logbuch” which should be “logbook” in english. Klick on this. Then you should see a screen to chose the activity level. After choosing the activity level you can enter the duration.

    After that, you will be asked if you like to add another extra activity.

    Good luck, and keep on blogging.

  2. I really like the Biggest Loser show. At first I didn’t like Jillian. I liked Bob. But Bob focuses too much on yoga. I don’t do yoga. Spiritually uncomfortable with it. It looks like this new game may not have it. That makes me really happy. But having Jillian push me to work harder and longer, well, that would be sweet.

  3. How do you change the activity levels for the games?
    i just set mine up and they dont change for any game, it stays at beginner?

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