Wii Fit Diet, Day 9

Day 9! I’m still doing it!

Today’s stats:

Weight: 236.3 lbs

BMI: 33.83

Wii Fit Age: 20

Oh my goodness… Is this wii fit diet really and in all actuality working for me? I can hardly believe it. I’ve never, ever had results like this before with any diet/exercise program that I’ve tried. I’m down 2.8 pounds from when I started 11 days ago (I’ve worked out 9 days out of the last 11, which is where “day 9” comes from). And I even fudged on my eating really badly those two days earlier this week (and when I say bad, I mean like, I ate 1000 more calories than I was supposed to (when you normally eat 1700 calories, 1000 extra calories is a lot). Hey, it was my birthday!).

This feels so good! I’m so excited! I just can’t believe my eyes! I think I might even get out a measuring tape and measure my waist and whatnot so that I can see how my size changes. I didn’t bother the first day, because honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. I was expecting to get bored, stop playing wii fit, and just stay fat. But now I have motivation! Woohoo!

So anyway, today I worked out for 32 minutes. I was feeling kind of bloated (I think because I drank a lot of diet soda) and so not really into working out for very long. But I did make myself work out for those 32 minutes and I’m glad I did.

I ran the island lap again (I’ve tried to incorporate the running more into my workout, because from what I’ve read, that burns the most calories… about as much as running on a treadmill does). And I did Advanced Step a couple of times, as well as hula hooping for 6 minutes. I keep on trying to get up the gumption to do the 10 minute Super Hula Hoop, but I just can’t… it just seems like forever! Maybe if they split it into 4 parts instead of just 2, I would do it… but they don’t, and so I just keep chickening out.

As far as the diet goes… counting my calories and only eating 1700 calories a day really works out well. With what I eat every day, I don’t find myself getting hungry or anything really. I did have a hard time with cutting out sugar from my foods though. I am a sugar junkie. I love candies, cake, Little Debbies, soda… all that stuff, and it doesn’t help that my husband can eat all of that stuff all the time and be right in the middle of the normal BMI range. It also didn’t help that we had lots of that hanging around the house. BUT I discovered a solution for myself! I found Diet A&W Rootbeer, and it is fantastic! It doesn’t taste gross like a lot of diet sodas do. Sure, it’s not good for you salt wise, but I’ll trade that for losing weight any day. Yay for A&W!

The other thing I do is I buy a lot of sugar-free Jello and eat that when I’m hungry. It tastes about as good as real Jello does, and it’s somewhat filling, and it curbs my appetite… so it’s great! 😀

Well, that’s all folks!

P.S. I’ve suddenly seen a huge uptick in my daily visitors… it’s kind of creepy. Before I started blogging about my Wii Fit Diet, I was getting 15 visitors a day, and the day before yesterday I had 61. Today, I’ve had 115. I don’t know where you’re all coming from… but hi! I hope if you’re looking to lose weight that this blog will serve as an inspiration to you!

3 thoughts on “Wii Fit Diet, Day 9

  1. Good Job!

    Just a thought for you. It was easier for me to loose weight while I was nursing. I lost a lot of weight then, and gained it all back after I quit nursing. I’m sure you can avoid that pitfall.

    The Diet A&W sounds good.

    Regarding the 10 minute hula hoop. I feel kind of the same way about the 10 minute free run. So I pop in some fast music or watch a video on my computer (close to my TV). Just something to distract me. Hope the idea helps.

    I’ll stop giving non-asked for advice now. o.O;

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