Wii Fit Diet, Day 8

Alright… Day 8 on my Wii Fit Diet! Woohoo!

Weight: 237.0 lbs

BMI: 33.93

Wii Fit Age: 20

Woohoo! This is great! I’m down to 237 again already! Yay me! I even weighed myself several times today, and every time it was 237, so I’m pretty thrilled!

Today I only exercised for 30 minutes. This is because 15 minutes into my workout, my baby decided she was hungry. So I fed her. After that, I just felt too worn out to do much more than another 15 minutes, so I just did 15 and left it at that. Did the island run again… I must say, one thing I really like about the running game is that every time it takes you a different way… Now, the Wii’s graphics aren’t spectacular or anything, but I do enjoy seeing different areas of the “park” area that the Mii’s run in.

And of course I did Super Hula Hoop and Advanced Step again. Today when I played advanced step, I had George Bush and Napoleon Dynamite stepping right next to me! I was thrilled, and so I took a slightly crooked picture for you:

George Bush and Napoleon Dynamite doing Advanced Step with me.

Well, that’s all again! Peace!

One thought on “Wii Fit Diet, Day 8

  1. Good for you! (Nursing is fabulous for helping shed those pregnancy pounds.) Keep it up! (Lurking now with you and a few other fellow wii fit experimenters.)

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