Other Things

So this blog entry is not about Wii Fit. It is about me and my baby. Just in case any one got lost.

Not too much has been happening lately… We blessed Sylvia the Sunday before last and that was really neat. Here’s a picture of Sylvia in her blessing dress:

Sylvia at 8 weeks old.

This is the same dress that I was blessed in and that my mom and her two sisters were blessed in. So it’s been through a few babies now and is a little more than 40 years old. I think it’s very pretty. It also had a hat, but I was not feeling it at all, so we didn’t use it.

So now Sylvia is 2 1/2 months, and boy is she a cutie pie! She has learned how to grab things, and so is grabbing and touching EVERYTHING she can. Her toys, my hair, my shirt, the couch… etc. Whenever I hold her while I’m sitting on the couch, she always throws herself towards the fabric so that she can run her hands across it and coo at it. And she has to sit up. No more laying down for Sylvia, she hates that unless she’s sleeping. She wants to sit up.

She loves trying to imitate the things I say, like “Good Job!” she responds to with “Goo Jaa” and “I love you” with “Ah Gooo Ooo”. She also imitates me when I kiss her hands (which I do a lot). I’ll put my thumbs out so she can grab them with her hands, then I bring her hands up to my mouth and kiss them. Once I’ve done that, she’ll pull my hands to her mouth and click her tongue (which makes a noise kind of like a kiss). Sometimes she also licks me on accident, then she makes a face like “Eww… what is that?”. It’s adorable. I must admit, my baby is so dang cute! 😛

She’s progressed pretty far as far as muscles go and she loves standing. She can balance herself pretty well… I can sit her on the ground, put her feet up against my foot and then let her grab my thumbs, and if I slowly raise my hands up, she’ll pull herself into a stand. She’ll then stand on the ground just balancing herself occasionally against my hands, which are in front of her. It’s pretty impressive.

She can’t quite balance by herself in a sit yet though (she can if she’s holding my thumbs), which is just fine, because she’s not supposed to sit for a while anyway.

Anyway, enough about my fabulous baby. 😛 My turn!

As far as I go, I’ve just been working out and trying to lose weight still. I’m still at home all day with Sylvia, which is a lot of fun. 🙂

For a while, I’ve been aching to play The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, but we couldn’t find the collector’s edition of Zelda for gamecube anywhere for cheaper than $30, so I was kind of bummed. But Andrew and I had this great idea of buying a usb controller, getting an N64 emulator on our computer and getting the Majora’s Mask ROM, and then hooking our computer up to the TV! So now I’m playing through Majora’s Mask, and Andrew is playing through Master Quest. It’s awesome.

That’s about it though! In a couple of weeks we’ll be going down to Vegas for the 4th of July, which will be LOTS of fun.

Anyway, hope you’re all doing great!

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