Wii Fit Diet, Day 7

Day 7. 😀 I skipped 2 days because I am a bad girl, and I wanted to eat cake and celebrate my birthday and I was being lazy. However, I did exercise today, even though it is my real birthday.

Weight: 238.1 lbs

BMI: 34.02

Wii Fit Age:31

I went up a pound today. I don’t mind that really, because I really didn’t eat well on Saturday or Sunday, and so I expected it. That is alright with me. Now I’ll go back to my diet and be a good girl, and hopefully I’ll drop some more weight off.

My Wii Fit age is really high because the balance board had me do this Agility Test, where you have to hit these squares by shifting your balance… apparently, I’m not so good at doing that. The balance board is surprisingly blunt sometimes. Like when it tells me that I’m not good at the Agility Test. Luckily, it is not real, so I can ignore it all I want.

The balance board actually told me happy birthday today (and it calculated my age, 22… good job, balance board)! I was pleasantly surprised by that. I didn’t think it would notice. Then it told me I don’t have to be worried about getting old as long as I am fit. I am so very glad the balance board told me that, because I was so very scared of getting old and weak. Thank you balance board.

I exercised for 58 minutes today, hoping to offset the billions of calories I ate on Saturday and Sunday. I mostly did step aerobics again… I free stepped for 30 minutes while watching “Eight Below”… a movie that always makes me tear up, because I’m a sucker for sad dog movies. 😛 I also ventured out of my comfort zone and played Rhythm Boxing on Expert (10 minutes), and it was surprisingly gratifying. I did pretty well and got a four star rating, and the trainer told me that I did a good job. Usually he tells me “Come on, you can do better than that.”, so I was again, pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was because it was my birthday. I don’t know.

I couldn’t bring myself to do 10 minute Super Hula Hoop, but I did do the 6 minute one and got a high score. I think I’m getting better at it. Hopefully someday I can hula hoop like “Wii Fit Underwear Girl”. Then, when I’ve lost all of my remaining 69 pounds, I will play hula hoop in my underwear, just like her.

Well, that’s about it!

See ya again tomorrow!

One thought on “Wii Fit Diet, Day 7

  1. I love the 10 min Rythm Boxing. I am really bad at the advanced step. I never get the Perfect even though I feel I am stepping in time. I will try your tip on stepping slightly before the beat.

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