Wii Fit Diet, Day 4

Here is a picture of my obese Mii. I think it looks a little more bulky than I do, but then again, what do I know? 😀

My Mii on Wii Fit

Well, it’s Day 4! I’m still on the wagon, as far as exercise and diet goes! I’ve been doing well at keeping my calories at 1700 and exercising for at least a half an hour every day!

Today’s stats:

Weight: 237.0 lbs!

BMI: 33.93

Wii Fit Age: 21

Yay! I’ve suddenly dropped down to 237 lbs! And I promise, I did weigh myself at the same time today as I did yesterday! Now, this may be due to “that time of the month” finishing up and so it may just be that I dropped some water weight… but I did weigh myself before “that time of the month” on an analog scale and it told me I was about 239, so… I think I may have dropped 2 pounds! I’m so proud of myself!

Today I did 32 minutes (and when I say minutes, I mean wii fit credit minutes) of Aerobics. Mostly Advanced Step and Super Hula Hoop, but also a little timed boxing. Still fun. Still feeling the burn! Sylvia was awake while I was working out today, so I sat her in her bouncer in front of the TV while I played, and she seemed to love it! 😀 She was kicking her feet and waving her arms around during Advanced Step. And when I’d start Advanced Step over again and it’d count down, she’d smile and coo excitedly. It was very cute.

I also did a little yoga today. That was fun, but it’s hard to do in my house, since we live in a basement, the ceiling is not tall… and I’m pretty tall, so my hands would hit the ceiling and I couldn’t straighten out the whole way when I was doing certain poses. Oh well. 🙂

See ya tomorrow!

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