Wii Fit Diet, Day 2

It’s day two of my Wii Fit dieting! How exciting! I hope I can keep this up.

Today’s stats:

Weight: 239.4 lbs

BMI: 34.28

Wii Fit Age: 25

So today I got on the Wii Fit and did my body test, where it weighs you and tests your balance and everything. I had “gained” .6 lbs from yesterday (probably partially because of doing the test at a slightly different time of day, and partially because my weight fluctuates depending on whether I’ve just fed the baby, or not… and also it’s “that time of the month”), and the Wii Fit asks me something like “What do you think your weight gain was caused by?”. It then lists things like “not exercising” and “eating habits” and several other things that I can’t remember, as well as “I don’t know”. I selected the latter option, because there was no such option as “I haven’t breastfed my baby for 2 hours, and also, I’m retaining water”.

Anyway, after experiencing the disappointing report of a gain of .6 lbs, I went on to my aerobics fitness games. Today I worked out for a whole hour! Yay! I did it primarily because I unlocked the aerobic exercise “free step”. Free step is cool, because it beats out time for you over the Wiimote speaker instead of the TV speaker, so you can change to a different channel and still hear the beat on the Wiimote. You step to the beat on the balance board and it counts your steps as you do so. You can choose 10, 20 or 30 minute times on it. The only thing I found annoying was that every 100 steps or so, the trainer interrupts the beat entirely to say “200 steps!” or “Keep up with me!” or “10 minutes left!” or some other random thing. It knocked me out of beat entirely when she’d do that, so I’d lose steps. This made me sad.

But anyway, I played “Free Step” for 30 minutes while I watched “The Saint”, which is a movie starring Val Kilmer before he got fat and starred in “Deja Vu”. We don’t have cable, so I have to watch movies when I want entertainment. But anyway, I enjoyed doing that pretty well. It made the time go by a lot faster than it normally seems to.

For my other 30 minutes, I did the following:

“Basic Run” around the island for about 11 minutes. The running in place makes my calves hurt. Also it seems like the Wiimote in your pocket thing does not work quite right, because even though I was running at a steady pace, my Mii would randomly speed up and slow down on me. This causes the game to proclaim “You’re running at an unsteady pace” and then it tells you that running at an unsteady pace makes it harder for you to burn fat. This made me slightly angry at the game.

I also played the “Super Hula Hoop” game for 3 minutes. I like that game, except for that it expects you to lean to one side or the other to catch hula hoops and keep wiggling your hips. The thing that bothers me about that is that it seems to want you to pretty much take all your weight off of one of your legs before your Mii will lean. It’s awfully hard to wiggle your hips and stand on one leg at the same time.

For the rest of the time, I did the “Advanced Step” game, which I like alright, except that it seems like you have to step slightly before the beat to get a “perfect” on it. Also, I have a hard time doing the sideways steps correctly. It puts me off balance.

Anyway, I feel like I get a good workout from the game. I usually end up pretty sweaty and tired afterwards, so I think I’m doing well!

I had read someone else’s opinion on the Wii Fit the other day. He expressed the sentiment that he felt that the running in place was stupid and that everyone should just go outside and run instead… I disagree for several reasons:

1) Running around your own neighborhood is boring and hazardous.

2) It’s hot outside in the summer.

3) Running outside triggers my asthma.

4) Putting on shoes and socks takes too long. Also, socks make my feet get really hot and gross.

5) Water from water bottles tastes like plastic.

6) Running outside wears me out a lot faster.

7) When you have a young baby, getting them all dressed up and putting them in the stroller takes forever.

8) When you have a young baby, you’re not supposed to run with them. Also, jogging strollers cost a lot.

9) People don’t wait at home for you and clap and jump up and down when you finish running.

So that is why I enjoy running in place with the Wii Fit rather than going outside.

Well, that’s about it! We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Wii Fit Diet, Day 2

  1. Hi,

    Nice blog. Keep up the workout. Hope you reach your goal soon. I am also using the wii fit to work out. I am on 8th day. I totally agree with you about the jogging in place.


  2. Hey did you know in that free step, you can completely turn off the sound and step as fast or slow as you like, in any way, front or back, sideways, and it will still record your steps…so your goal maybe 800 steps, I was able to do over a 1,000 in 10 minutes. I find it boring listening to the sound, when I know I can move faster and in different directions…give that a try.

    • That doesn’t work at all for me ? Are you sure it’s possible ? The game only counts the steps that you take as the mii on screen takes them; everything else is not counted, even when you set the sound to None.

      I have been unable to get to 1600 steps on the 20 minute free step…

      • I am able to do 3500~3600 in 30 minutes. It counts all steps as long as it’s not “too fast”. Basically make sure the first foot is still firmly placed on the wii board when the second foot comes up. Also I’ve noticed the lighter I step on the board the more likely it is to trigger my step; if I step too hard to the rhythm of the song I’m listening to it often won’t count it.

        To the blogger, congratulations on working out despite being a busy, tired mother! I think you’re a great inspiration and I hope to find more blog entries by you. 🙂 I can’t lean and hula hoop at the same time either, but that’s okay, I don’t think it’s required. I seem to do fine leaning in then hooping right after.

  3. I can’t hula hoop and lean at the same time either – I have to stop swinging my hips to lean over and then frantically start again to stop them falling to the floor! You have to lean a long way over, don’t you! And I have real difficulty hula hooping to the left. I’m a right hipped hula hooper, ha ha!

    I haven’t unlocked free running yet, but I’m still doing the basic jog anyway. That exhausts me! I have to hold the Wii remote in my hand because the pants I wear to use it don’t have a pocket – but it still seems to speed up and slow down randomly. I may also have cheated slightly today by stopping running but just waving my arms up and down!!!! Oops, hee hee!

    I love step. I find the advanced one easier when it gets faster, strangely. I only unlocked free step yesterday so did it for 30 minutes watching Eastenders (the UK soap opera), and enjoyed that. Luckily our TV does “picture in picture” so I could actually have the Wii Fit and BBC1 on at the same time.

  4. I have seen a lot of people ragging on Wii Fit users for not just saving the money and going outside to run, etc. Well, with a one-year-old and a one-month-old, it’s impossible to coordinate feeding schedules and naps to actually be able to get out in 90 degree heat/95% humidity and walk with them in a stroller.

    So what am I supposed to do in the meantime? This thing actually makes exercise fun and keeps me on track by GETTING INTO MY BRAIN. It has been totally worth it.

  5. 2) It’s hot outside in the summer.

    and you have to wear less (nothing like privacy at home…and the air conditioner)
    or it can rain
    or winter comes and it’s too cold.
    You can also do wii fit running with a treadmill

  6. i find that i am no the most “graceful” runner and when yourf running outside and fall on your face infront of the entire class it tend to not look grate so i enjoy running alot but inside where i can’t fall because
    no rocks no random tuffs of grass
    the hardest part before wii fit was i love running
    but i can’t do track because i have softball at the same time
    so basicly wii fit was the best cristmas present i could ask for

    i love that you women who have little kids are getting back to excersizing because my mom gave up after she had kids but is getting back in shape with this game
    so good for you
    and i hope i can be like all of you when i grow up

    (im a freshmen for all of u confused about my age)

  7. I really enjoyed your post! I too have started using the Wii Fit to lose weight and find my waist after having a baby. I also felt that the options given to explain my weight gain didn’t fit and wonder why there isn’t a “baby weight” option on a female profile. I am on day 7 of my journey and am doing well. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  8. I also have a Wii Fit and Plus, but with the hula hoop I have always stopped completely and leaned to get the next hoop without losing momentum. You just have to get started with hip motion as soon as you caught the hoop.

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