Wii Fit Diet, Day 1

So I picked up a Wii Fit last night! Andrew found one on E-bay that was used and selling nearby, so we got it for $112 and went to West Jordan to get it. It was hardly used at all and is in great shape. So I’m now going to try to incorporate at least half an hour of aerobic exercise from my Wii Fit into my daily routine.

My first day on the Wii Fit was like last night at 11 pm, so we won’t count that. We’ll start with my stats for today (6/8/08):

Weight: 238.8 lbs

BMI: 34.18 (which is obese, sadly)

Wii Fit Age: 32 (my real age will be 22 in 8 days)

Height: 5’10”

Wii Fit Credits scored for today: 42 minutes (all in aerobic exercises… so hula hoop, jogging… etc)

Other stuff:

Pants size: 20

Shirt size: 1x

Bra size: 40DDD (I think this may be where 20 lbs of my weight is right now) šŸ˜›

Here are some pictures of me as I am now.. my husband made me laugh in the second one, so I kind of look retarded.

Me at 238.8, before the Wii Fit Diet

Me at 238.8, before my Wii Fit Diet

So my analysis of myself in these pictures is that sure, I’m fat, but I don’t think I look morbidly obese, as my BMI says I am. I mean, I know a lot of people who are LOTS bigger looking than I am. What are they? Super duper morbidly obese? I don’t get it. :/ Oh well. Suffice it to say, I want to lose about 70 pounds. šŸ™‚

As far as diet goes, I’m eating 1700 calories a day now, and balancing out my servings of carbs, fruits, veggies, etc. I have to eat 1700 calories because I’m breastfeeding. The minimum calories you can eat for a normal person is 1200, but breastfeeding burns about 500 calories a day, so if you’re breastfeeding you have to eat at least 1700. Here’s what I eat on a normal day:


1 cup of a General Mills breakfast cereal (they have whole grains as the main ingredient now) (120 calories or so, depending on the cereal)

1/2 cup of skim milk (40 calories)

1/2 a banana (55 calories)


A sandwich with 2 slices of wheat bread, 4 slices of deli turkey or ham, a slice of cheese, and a tablespoon of mustard. (320 calories)


1/2 a banana (55 calories)

1/2 cup of milk (40 calories)


I make a box of hamburger/chicken/tuna helper and eat half of it. I only use 1/2 lb hamburger and 1/2 lb of chicken, but I do use the whole 6 oz of tuna. Also, I use half the margarine and skim milk to make it, which cuts down on the calories a little. (Depending on what I make, it’s 500-700 calories)

I also eat a cup of Steamfresh veggies. They’re very tasty and very easy to make, since you just pop them in the microwave. (30 calories or so)


1 small red delicious apple (56 calories)

1 bagel (220 calories… with butter if I have some calories left)

So altogether, that’s about 1400-1600 calories. So then I can have an extra snack of some kind. šŸ™‚

I do my calorie counting at calorie count plus, which is a part of about.com. And it’s free! I find that calorie counting helps me a lot in managing what I eat throughout the day. Otherwise I tend to munch on chips and cookies and bad things and eat too much for dinner or lunch, etc. So check it out! It’s at http://caloriecount.about.com.

So anyway, I hope this Wii Fit helps me lose some weight, cause I really need to do so! Wish me luck!

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