The baby came!

So the reason I haven’t updated in so long is because my little Sylvia decided to join our family!

If you recall, I was due on April 10th… but Sylvia decided to come a week early on April 4th, despite this being my first pregnancy. Everyone told me that first pregnancies come late, and I read about a study online that said first time babies come 7 days later than their due dates on average… so I was all set to be waiting for Sylvia to arrive on the 17th. So needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to have her arrive early!

Even better, she weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz, which is fairly heavy for a week-early baby girl. She was 20 1/2 inches long, so about normal as far as that goes.

She’s a sweetheart, and even though she leaves me quite sleep-deprived, I love her to death. 🙂 I had a sort of interesting labor… and so I will proceed to give you the details now:

On the night of April 2nd, I slept quite well, until I was awakened at about 5 am on the 3rd by something wet trickling down my leg. I wasn’t sure if my water had broken though, so I kind of just laid there for half an hour… not wanting to wake Andrew up if it wasn’t my water breaking. Finally I decided to get out of bed, so I rolled over, and a lot more liquid appeared… I did a smell test to make sure it wasn’t something else, and it was definitely not… so I woke Andrew up. He got up, kind of stumbled around for a minute, then he woke up all the way and helped me gather everything that we needed for the hospital. The hospital is about 5 minutes from our house, which is nice, so we got there quickly and I got checked in.

They had me strip down and get into my hospital gown, then lay down on the bed. Then the nurse came in and used a litmus strip to test to see if it was amniotic fluid that I was leaking. The litmus test said it wasn’t. She said there was a lot of mucus in the way, and sometimes that would affect the litmus test, so she would test again in half an hour. Then contractions started. They didn’t hurt very much or anything at first, and they didn’t feel at all like what I expected… they just kind of felt like I had… well… gas in my intestines. lol I thought I would be able to feel like my muscles tightening up or something, but it was just kind of uncomfortable every 4 minutes or so.

Well, it turns out that my water hadn’t broken. They weren’t sure what all the liquid was that was leaking out of me, but it wasn’t amniotic fluid (possibly a very watery mucous plug?). I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes or so, but they weren’t very strong. It’d been like three hours or so, they had me walk around for an hour to see if that would make my contractions any stronger… it didn’t. They then told me to go home and come back when I couldn’t walk or talk through my contractions. They offered me pain meds, but since the contractions didn’t hurt a lot at the time, I told them I’d be fine.

So, I went home. By the evening, when it was time to go to sleep, my contractions were starting to hurt pretty bad, but I could still talk through them and whatnot. They were still occurring about every 3-4 minutes, so I decided I really couldn’t use that as a judge as how far I was in labor. I tried to sleep, but didn’t sleep very well… I would wake up and groan whenever I had a contraction occur. (Poor Andrew, I don’t think he slept well either.)

In the morning, I almost made Andrew take me to the hospital to get pain meds, but decided against it, because the contractions didn’t seem to be coming as often once I was up and moving around. Once he left though, I kind of regretted that, because they started up on the 3-4 minute occurrences again and they hurt a fair amount. And Tylenol did not help at all. I figured I would just wait until 5 when Andrew gets home from work. I sat through the day, and it hurt a lot… and by 3, I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I texted Andrew and told him to come home and get me. Which he did. 🙂

So at about 3:30 we were at the hospital. I told them I didn’t think that I would be having the baby now, that I just wanted pain meds. They still have to check you and everything though. So I got undressed again, and the doctor came in and checked how dilated I was… I was 7 cm (this was about 4:30ish pm)! And just as he was checking, my water broke, so he told me they were going to check me in and everything and that I’d be having my baby.

Well, once my water broke, the contractions REALLY started hurting. Oh man, I was DYING… and the anesthesiologist was doing a c-section at the moment and wouldn’t be in for 10 minutes. So I had to go through 10 minutes of hard labor, then I got the epidural…. Oh. My. Goodness. I am so happy I got that epidural… all of a sudden there was NO pain. I could just feel some pressure down there, but no pain at all… so I could talk to my husband and the nurse and the doctor. It was great! There is no way I would ever want to do that natural… I would rather enjoy the experience, thank you very much. How can you enjoy anything if you’re screaming in intense pain? Or just focusing on breathing? No, I will always get an epidural. 😀

So we sat around for a few hours while I went through the transition period, and finally it was time to push… about 6:10 pm or so. So I pushed through 2 contractions (luckily, I could tell from the pressure when I was having a contraction… it just didn’t hurt) and then before the third one, the doctor did an episiotomy (sp?) and I pushed through two more. It did hurt a little bit when her head crowned, but once that was done, I was great. 😀 She arrived at 6:44 pm. The doctor was impressed that it didn’t take very long, considering I had an epidural and I was a first-timer. I was also happy that it didn’t take very long. 🙂

So a long labor…. 36 hours altogether, but only 3 spent in the hospital (sweet!). Then I only had to stay for 24 hours before they let me go home! My epidural wore off really really fast, and I recovered really well, so they told me I could go home early if I wanted (which I did, because the hospital is really boring).

So a great experience overall! My baby is such a blessing, and I am so happy to have her! Here are some pictures!

Baby Sylvia shortly after being born...

Just before heading home...

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