34 weeks along!

So, again, I’ve neglected to update for a while. I’m 34 weeks now… only 6 weeks to go, thank goodness!

I quit my job a week ago, and have been sitting at home, relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet for now. I couldn’t stand working anymore… I was too uncomfortable and tired and frustrated all the time with my particular job. Tech support isn’t easy, even if you do sit down all day.

Anyway, I’ve been loving being at home… actually keeping the house clean and whatnot and making dinner… and not being tired all day. However, I’ve apparently got sciatica in my left leg. It hurts soooo bad. It aches all day long, and when I walk around and try and do stuff, then I get shooting pains through my whole leg. It makes me want to cry. I tried taking some Tylenol yesterday for it, but it didn’t help at all. From what I’ve read online, there’s not a whole lot you can do… besides see a PT or a chiropractor. Oh well. It sucks.

In other news, I haven’t been sick in the mornings for a while now… well, at least I feel a little nauseous, but I don’t actually puke anymore. That’s been a relief. Also, my baby shower will be happening in a couple of weeks! Yay! My sister in law who lives here in Provo will be planning that out… I’m sure it will be fun. 🙂

Also, Saturday the local lure coursing group is starting lure coursing up again! I’m so excited that spring is here and I can take my dog out to run lure coursing again! Of course, this time my husband is going to have to be the one who goes out into the field where the “bunny” goes to, because I have to limp and waddle everywhere I go now, which makes the going extra slow.  But still, it will be fun and my dog can run off some of her pent up winter energy!

Beyond that, not too much to report… I’m just getting bigger and bigger, and my hip joints hurt when I sleep on my side. 😦 Also, last time I went to the doctor, they told me I’d actually lost 2 pounds from the time I was last there. Since I weigh 260, that doesn’t bother them in the slightest though. I think I lost the weight because I had the flu… it was BAD. I was SO sick for about 5 days and had to miss work… they gave me something with codeine in it that was supposed to help, but I only took it twice because it didn’t seem to be doing anything for my cough (which hurt really really really badly), and because I read that codeine is possibly associated with cleft palate in babies… so I didn’t want to risk it. I had a silly flu shot and everything this year (like I normally do, because I have asthma), but apparently only 40% of the viruses matched the flu shot or something like that.

Anyway, while I was sick I didn’t really eat very much, and so I think I lost weight because of that. I’ll probably have gained it back when I next go in to the doctor, so I’m not worried. I’ve only gained 22 pounds so far in the pregnancy, so I’m quite happy with myself. That’s more than I was hoping to gain, but less than I could have gained. I plan on breastfeeding for a year, so since that burns 500 calories a day, I’m hoping that it will help me lose some weight after the baby is born. 🙂 We’ll see.

It’s getting closer! I’m so excited!

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