Mah Belly

So! I finally decided to take a picture of my belly! So here it is… me nineteen weeks pregnant… about 4 weeks ago. I feel so huge right now… and it’s only going to get bigger… 😛

 ninteen weeks pregnant

Found out last week (23 weeks) that I’m having a little baby girl! I’m super excited! We’re going to name her Sylvia Michelle (the middle name may change).  We got some really cute pictures of her on the ultrasound:

 23 weeks23 weeks ultrasound

And I’m still sick in the mornings. It’s not so bad anymore, because now I just throw up in the morning and feel better during the day… Instead of how during the first trimester I was sick all day long. I guess I am doomed to have morning sickness the whole pregnancy though, which is no fun. 😦 At least it’s not so bad that I’ve had to go to the hospital or anything, I guess.

One thought on “Mah Belly

  1. What a cute baby! Well I guess we are very similar I am 17 weeks pregnant and still with morning sickness. I threw up yesterday at work for the first time which was really nasty. But anyway I REALLY hope by week 18 or 20 the nausea is forever gone.
    I had to take some pills for the nausea on the really bad days, I call them the magic pill because they really helped me feel like a new person.
    Anyway I am glad to read you are doing well and the baby is a healthy girl. We get our ultrasound in 2 weeks!
    Take care!

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