12 Week Check Up

Can you believe it? I’m 12 weeks along! This is going so fast… can’t believe I’m in the second trimester already!

Unfortunately, I’m still sick. I thought it would go away, but nooooo. Of course not. I couldn’t even eat again this morning because I was so sick.

Anyway, I went in to the doctor on Monday for the 12 week exam… it was really neat in some ways, but not so neat in others. The best part (of course) was getting to listen to the baby’s heartbeat! 170 bpm the doctor said… a good healthy baby! I’m so glad to hear that, since I was afraid of miscarriage before. They say that at this point in pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is below 5%. That’s so great! I can’t wait to find out the gender in a month and a half. So exciting!

Andrew, my DH, came along to the doctor as well… he was excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat also. Then we found out that I had to get a pap smear and a breast exam too…. Andrew stuck it out, comforting me as they stuck those metal things inside me and got some of my cells. Then the doctor made sure my uterus was the right size and that my ovaries were okay. They were, which was good. Then he poked my chest and made sure that was alright. That was too.

So I’m a healthy 21 year old. Yay me!

Poor Andrew. He probably would have rather not been there, but he was a good sport. He’s probably glad he’s not a woman. I don’t blame him. 😀

I found out one fantastic thing from the visit… I have only gained one pound since my six week visit! That is GREAT! I was so happy to hear that… maybe I am not doomed to gain 500 pounds from being pregnant after all! Maybe my metabolism will go back to normal! So many happy things it could mean! 😀 Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the weight gain down.

My doctor’s advice was to just follow my appetite and eat when I’m hungry and don’t eat when I’m not. Don’t just “eat for the baby” he said, just follow the cravings. He said that at over 200 pounds, I could healthily not gain any weight over the whole pregancy and my body would be fine, but not to try and diet.

I’m so happy! I hope everything continues this way! 🙂


One thought on “12 Week Check Up

  1. Nitetiger4, how can you handle work and the morning sickness? I hate feeling bad all day and having to come to work. I have tried, the crackers, the damn ginger in tea, powder and candy and I can gag just thinking about it now. I also tried to wrist bands, what a waste of money. I feel soo sick all day. I am only 6 weeks pregnant and this morning sickness started last week, I can’t imagine going through it for 7-8 weeks more!
    Everyday is a stuggle, to come to work, to get dressed, to figure out what to eat… and the worst part is that for some reason I have no more waist. I have not been eating a lot and have not vomited, but all my pants and skirts just don’t close at the waist.
    Pickles seem to work for me too, but the thing that seems to work the most is sucking on lemons. I add a little salt and I can suck on lemon wedges all day, it makes me feel good, but only for a few hours, then I feel sick again.
    Anyway I have enjoyed your notes, and am noting down the remedies for morning sickness, which is more like all-day sickness.

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