So it’s been a while….

Well, it’s been a bit since I last posted on here. It’s been hard because I’m soooo sick all the time, and so mostly I feel like moping around all day. And my hubby’s laptop died again and it’s dead for good this time. So, since I can’t very well put a desktop on my lap, I have to make myself sit in the office chair and type type type.

I’m still sick. It’s worse than ever, and now I’ve tried vitamin b6 and unisom. And neither thing has helped. I still throw up in the morning, and I still feel sick all day long. Last night I ate some ñoquis (it’s Argentine food, apparently, that my friend’s brother made) and they were really good! But then I was sitting on the couch later and teasing my husband about synthesizers, and I started laughing so hard I threw them up all over myself. Oh it was so gross. Spaghetti sauce and potato noodles all over my shorts. 😦 I cry.

My hubby’s been really sweet though. My mom was telling me that my dad used to come rub her back while she would throw up, and so my hubby decided to do that to me. It’s really sweet, though I don’t know how he doesn’t throw up too. I would.

The foods that I seem to be able to hold down right now are chocolate milk, yogurt, Lay’s Potato chips (any of the sour cream varieties), and Hot Pockets or similar. I guess it’s a good thing that chocolate milk and yogurt are daily occurrences now, because they give me lots of calcium. And since I’m in my 10th week, I think I read that calcium is needed right now. But I can’t remember for sure.

I’ve got a dog show on Saturday, but I can’t help but wonder if I was out of my mind to sign up for it… my dog is not trainable right now… she is being a big butthead, really. She just came out of heat too, and I think she’s either pregnant (an accident!) or going through a false pregnancy (I sure hope so…). And her nipples are all saggy and she looks gross. We’re not going to do well, so I wonder if it’s even worth going… the show’s clear up in Farmington, which is an hour drive from here, and she shows at 9:10 am. So that means we have to leave at like 7. Bah. But I spent 25 dollars on it and 35 dollars next day express-ing a show lead to myself.

So I’m a little disgruntled. And work sucks too, because they don’t seem to understand how really sick I am, and so when I miss work they get upset with me and tell me I’m not getting the promotion they’ve been promising me for 5 months now. Stupid. I feel like quitting, but if I were going to, I’d want to work from home… so I need to find some sort of legit work from home job. And I don’t think they exist, because I can’t find one anywhere. Sigh. What will I do with myself?

Some one save me. 😦

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