Morning Sickness Madness

Ugh. This morning sickness is still so bad. Yesterday I found myself eating yogurt and pickles for lunch because that’s the only thing I could choke down. The yogurt seems to settle my stomach down and the pickles… I don’t know. But they taste good right now. I’ve never felt that the old adage about “pickles and ice cream” was realistic, but it seems to be. Except… I can’t make myself eat ice cream. And it makes me sad, because I love ice cream normally.

I feel sick all freaking day long. Ugh.

I have been browsing all over the internet though and have picked up a couple of remedies so far for the nausea.

Ginger – I got some ginger herbal tea. It’s disgusting. I tried choking it down at night and just couldn’t handle it. I gave up and feel bad for wasting 4 dollars. I also got some sort of Ginger Gum, made by Sea Band…. this seems to help a little bit, but it’s dang strong when you first bite into it. Not my favorite thing, but it did help supress my nausea yesterday. It didn’t help too much this morning though.

Crackers – I ate like 100 of them, and I still threw up afterwards. Does not work for me.

Anti-Nausea Wristbands – I just bought some today from Rite-Aid. I’m wearing them right now. My hands are turning purple… so I’m not sure I put them in the right place… maybe I’m just cutting off circulation. On the plus side, I don’t seem to feel sick… just light-headed. But, I also drank a nesquick chocolate milkshake and orange juice, and that might have settled my tummy down.

Unisom – My doctor told me to try taking 1/2 a pill of unisom before I go to sleep at night, and it should help take away my morning sickness. I’ll try it tonight and see what happens.

Vitamin B6 – Doctor said to take 25 mg a day and it should also help me not feel sick. :/ I’ll try it if unisom doesn’t work.

Now I’m drinking pickle juice. It’s great. 🙂 What a weirdo I am.

I hope something helps my nausea. 😦

One thought on “Morning Sickness Madness

  1. My first child I totally had to have pickle juice too. This time around I was going through a huge jar of pickles every 2 days. There must be some mineral in pickles that we crave. Or maybe its the tangy sourness. I dunno!

    Can I add something to your list? My midwife suggested an OTC anti-naseau syrup for kids called Emetrol. I swear by it. 37 weeks and I still have morning sickness. Anyways they make a nice lemon mint that really helps. I dunno if you have Raley’s there, but thats the store I find it in, and I’m sure you can find it elsewhere.

    Also, mint, anything mint helps me out. spearmint, peppermint, etc

    (btw a chocolate milkshake and orange juice settled your stomach?! How funny!)

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